QT Jazz is almost always bubbly and filled with laughter. Working in entertainment since she was three has not jaded this Atlanta dancer, singer and actress. Looking on the bright side of life is just her natural disposition.

Take how she handled missing prom or graduating from a regular high school. “I kind of overcame that by making the industry my home,” she explains. “I made dance class my play outside . . . So it was normal for me and I enjoyed it, and that’s what made it all worth it.”

Her “’behind the scenes’ version of the industry,” as she describes it, came courtesy of her mother working as a business manager in the entertainment industry and her brother being in a group. Still, she’s the first to admit it has not been easy. “There’s been points where I’ve kinda second-guessed [myself] . . . it was hard for me in auditions when I was younger,” she reveals. “I could do my best, and I could kill it, and I’d still not make it, just because I was too short, or too whatever.”

She’s been able to overcome those moments, she says, “by telling the truth in my story, in my writing and in my music . . . . What makes QT Jazz, QT Jazz,” she explains further, “is the fact that I’m not really afraid to be the quirky one in the room, or the loud one, or the goofy one.”

That transparency and her engaging personality has made her a trusted Sprite P.O.U.R. reporter. But asking the questions instead of being asked them has helped her too. “I kind of understand what people are asking for when they are asking me questions,” she says of her career.

While making it big in the entertainment industry still drives her, she plays by her own rules. “Success to me means living in my truth and being able to get to the point where I can give back to the people that gave to me in the very beginning,” she says. “I obey my thirst by listening to my fans and the people that support me.” To keep up with QT Jazz and her journey, you can follow her on Instagram @qtjazz.